Simon Chevalier is a French Artist based in the south of France, near the Alpes.

He was awarded in 2022 by the Ministry of Culture as one of the 100 best designer of the year.

In contrast to a world saturated with fast, colorful, and loud solicitations

to spectators, he chooses to present simple, static, black and white art pieces.

Simon creates large-scale, repetitive geometric shapes to build

sober and precise graphic sculptures always presented in public spaces

on a high stand in order to give them a symbolic function.

Conscious that society and its beliefs are based on temporal recurrences,

he draw his inspiration from primitive and brutalist forms.

Those symbols being invested by all kinds of fantasies, memories

and associations of ideas, it gives to the sculptures a spirituality,

making them comparable to instruments of cult and worship.

We all dream of a calmer, quieter and cleaner future.
As light has and will always be a guide in the history of mankind and well aware

of the limitations of technology Simon use LEDs and electricity only to promote

a new path for our time.

Past exhibitions :

Denmark – 2023
Switzerland – 2022
Denmark – 2022
Finland – 2021
Denmark – 2021
United Arab Emirates – 2020
Australia – 2020
Germany – 2020
Sweden – 2019
France – 2019

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